3 Day-to-Night Workwear Styles

The workday always goes by faster when you have something to look forward to, and what’s more exciting than date night? Whether you’re meeting your latest online match for your first IRL encounter, or going out with your long-term partner, these office outfits are so fire, they’ll take you from day to night with ease.

Traditional Career Girl

You’re a traditional career girl that adheres to your company dress code. You love crisp, versatile pieces that create a sleek silhouette. Your wardrobe is all about simplicity, it’s still sexy with body-hugging pieces. You’re all about monochrome styles and tend to stay away prints or too much color. Black, white and ivory are probably your go-to color palette. But with a wardrobe full of versatile pieces, you have the ability to mix and match to create your unique look, which also makes it perfect for a date night after work.

Trendy Boss Babe

You may have an office dress code, but you don’t let that stop you from slipping in some self expression! You add your own fashion flare to your daily wardrobe by incorporating trendy pieces to a traditional office look. Trench coat? Why not a flattering and fun trench DRESS! Traditional work pants? Make it your own with a lace bodysuit! You create looks that express how much of a serious businesswoman you are, but will always be down to go straight to dinner or happy hour after work to wind down.

Outgoing Office Crush

You’re friendly with everyone and probably always the first to welcome a new coworker. Your bubbly personality and energy are contagious, and you lift everyone’s spirits on a bad day. Your office wardrobe is a true reflection of you! You love feminine pieces with flirty details and flowy silhouettes, and you’re not afraid to wear color. A-line dresses or tops with ruffles are just some of your go-tos! These pieces are also sweet and romantic, perfect for meeting up with bae after work!

Now that you're armed with outfit inspiration, prepare to slay all day and impress your boss and bae. Find more versatile looks in our Workwear Shop.