5 Festival Trends To Rock This Weekend

Festival weekends are every fashionista's time to really let their savvy styles shine!
It's three days of perfectly planned and coordinated looks that truly show your confident and unique self.
Don't be afraid to break freak and step away from your everyday comfort zone!
Below are five trends in our fashion forecast that are sure to make an appearance at festival this weekend.
Experiment with your fave looks and don't be afraid to create your own!

Stay wild and stay woke this weekend. Let all the sass come out to play in animal prints! Zebra, cheetah, tiger, snake... you name it!
Our forever fave is the OGleopard - we literally have this print in anything style you can think of.This trend isfun to experiment with and it's here to stay!

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Channel that inner unicorn fantasy by creating a dreamy iridescent festival outfit!
Iridescent and holographic is a trend that you can't miss out on this spring. It's vibrant, colorful, and almost hypnotic to look at!
Taste the rainbow from head to toe with colorful separates, and the perfect shoes and accessories to match.

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Nothing screams comfy and casual more than denim! It's so versatile that you can mix and match any color or wash together.
Whether it's a halter crop top, studded shorts, a laced up dress, or a Western-inspired fringejacket, denim pieces are the perfect staples for your festival outfits.

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If you're the type that goes to festival in all black or other simple solid colors, then big statement accessories is your area to play.
Faux leatherbuckle belts embellished with dazzling stones will definitely add some edge to your outfit!
Boho belly chains are also fun to experiment with - wear them over your shorts or one-pieces, or layer them with another belt!

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You've arrived at thedesert to make a statement,so dare to stand out with the biggest metallic pieces!
Incorporate metallic etchedjewelry into your dreamy gypsyfestival ensembles with our Bohemian collection.
There's no such thing as too big or bold when it comes to thesefringe accents, coin charms, and etched details!

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