5 Tips On How to Care For Your Swimsuit

Sun’s out, buns out, babes!

If you’re an avid beach go-er, or you simply love laying by the pool at your friend’s house, you’re probably gonna live in swimwear all summer long. While there are a variety of cute and affordable options out there, many of us may choose to invest in quality pieces that last years while withstanding sun exposure, chlorine, and salty sea water. So of course you’ll want to take good care of them, too! This means proper wash and care, and NOT just throwing them in the washer and dryer with your normal laundry detergent.

Swimsuits need a little extra love and care. Here are five helpful tips to maximize the lifespan of all your fave swim styles.

Image by @yarelisdenise

1. Always hand wash and air dry.

Machine washing your swimsuit will not only break down the material, but it will also cause the fabric, as well as any added parts (padding, underwire, strings, etc.), to bunch up, stretch out, or bend. Even on the delicate setting, the chemicals from detergents are still too harsh on your swim pieces and will shorten its lifespan drastically. To dry your swim pieces, only lay them flat to air dry in the shade. Sunlight will fade the color and dry out the fabric, while hanging can further stretch out the fabric so may not fit the same.

2. Clean immediately after each use.

Even if you did not wear your swimsuit in water, the chemicals in your sunscreen, lotion, and oils need to be neutralized right away. Not to mention your sweat or body odors!

3. Hot water is NOT your friend.

Again, only wash your swimsuit with cold water. This also means that you shouldn’t wear your favorite expensive bikini in the hot tub!

4. Let it rest for a day.

After washing, your swimsuit will need around 24 hours to get back to its original shape. Always bring one or two extra suits when you’re packing for a trip or vacation so you can take proper care as each piece is worn.

5. Avoid sitting on rough surfaces.

The coarse texture of sand, wooden benches, or concrete walls can chafe the bottom of your bikini. Swim fabric is generally durable, but you still want to avoid ruining it by pilling the material! This may even lead to unexpected rips and tears, and we don’t want an accidental exposure.

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