Fit For Royalty: Jewel Tone Prom Dresses

Achieve an effortlessly regal look with flattering gowns paired with strong, jewel tone hues.
Read about these precious gemstones and discover the one that perfectly speaks to you!

Fiery and captivating, the ruby stone is a stone of nobility and the “stone of kings.” Many would argue that it’s more valuable than everyone’s favorite, the diamond!
Red rubies symbolise passion, protection, and prosperity. You’ll feel powerful and a surge of self-confidence this prom season!

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Green is a fresh, lush color that is commonly associated with the earth. So it’s no surprise that the emerald is symbol of hope, renewal, and growth!
It has a soothing and healing energy. This prom, you’ll be feeling the youthful, fresh energy as you look forward to a bright future ahead!

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This magnificent stone is truly divine and as heavenly as the skies!
It is associated with divinity and faith, and is a symbol of power, strength, kindness, and wise judgement.
Spread those positive vibes and uplift spirits in this regal blue hue!

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