How To Pose For Your Prom Pictures

What's the most important part about Prom (or any special occasion for that matter)? The photos you take and memories you make!
Here are a few posing techniques, tips, and tricks from our very own Windsor models to make sure you capture your best moments and most flattering angles.

We all feel a little awkard when we don't know where to rest our hands.
This easy trick shows off your shape so you won't be looking too wide in photos.

It's super simple to achieve - just pretend that you're picking your nails or lightly touching your fingers!
It's also a clever way to draw attention to that gorgeous manicure you just got!

This is a classic pose that works for everyone!
Resting one hand on your hip makes for a fun and fierce photo because it's a playful way to show your personality.
Angle your body and pop that hip to create a slimming illusion!
Don't forget to keep your shoulders relaxed and back (away from your ears).

Who doesn't love a dress with pockets? Function meets fashion and, for posing, pockets are your best accessory!
Simply slip one hand (or both) in your pocketand cross your legs or pop a knee.

You'll look cool and relaxed while showing off your super beautiful andpractical dress!
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s here!

AKA the "casually checking for stains" pose.
This move is perfect for the short and flowy skater dresses!
Have fun and play with the hem of your dress to create a flirty and candid-like shot.
This playful pose is definitely ready for the gram.
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This pose is easily one of our favorites because of how effortless and adorable it is!
For the coy yet flirty girls: lightly brush your hair away from your face to show off those stunning features.
For the outgoing and quirky girls: playfully ruffle your locks and accessorize with a cheeky smile.
Other variations for the "Hair She Goes" also include twirling your hair, holding your ponytail, and tucking your hair behind the ear.

Want to keep it classy in the front, but daring in the back? Show off your dress details with this "Over the Shoulder" pose!
The key is keep your back straight, elongate your neck, don't be afraid to pop that booty.
It may feel like a bit of a workout, but your Homecoming photo album will thank you!
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Want to add the illusion of height to your floor-length dress? If you've got a daring leg slit, pose with it!
Don't be afraid to show off those long legs by confidently sticking one leg out.
Balance out this strong pose by resting your hand (opposite of the leg out) on your hip.
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Remember that these are just guidelines! don't be afraid to mix and match/combine poses to see what works best for you.
If you're carrying clutches/purses, incorporate them into you pose. Props are always fun.
Don't forget to take silly and candid pics; they complete your album!
You can totally use these tips and tricks while posing with your date or besties!