How to Care for Bras

Can’t live with em, can’t live without em.

Let’s be real - bras aren’t exactly every girl’s favorite item of clothing. However, let’s be real again - we all were taught how to wear bras, but few of us were taught how to properly care for them. Did you know that depending on the amount of wear, bras can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years? That’s quite a difference!

We promise that the love and care you put into your delicates will love you (and your wallet) right back. Our quick and easy tips will have your bralettes, t-shirt bras, bandeaus, and more living happier and longer.

#1 How to Wash Bras

First things first, don’t overwash or underwash! Unless you’re getting especially sweaty and dirty during each wear, bras only need to be washed every three wears or so. Hand washing in cool water is preferred, especially for bras with embroidery, lace, and other fun details. If you’ve waited until the day before vacation and don’t have time to hand wash your pretty little things, put your bras in a mesh lingerie bag, wash them on the delicate cycle with mild detergent, and promptly remove them once the wash cycle is complete.

#2 How to Dry Bras

The dryer is a bra’s worst enemy. Always air dry your bras. It’s preferable to hang them on a drying rack or clothes hangers by their elastic bands so you don’t stretch out the shoulder straps. If that’s not an option, lay them on a towel to dry flat. If they need a little extra help getting completely dry, feel free to pat dry with a soft cloth. Never twist or wring them out in an effort to speed up the process, as that can harden the boning and underwire in certain bras.

#3 How to Store Bras

Have seen how bras are neatly laid on tables and in drawers at lingerie stores? How they came is how they should stay. After they take the trip from the mall to the shopping bag and, eventually, to your closet, stack them neatly on top of each other in rows. This storage method prevents the straps from stretching out, as they would if left to hang. If you’re having trouble keeping them straight, boxes and drawer dividers are inexpensive little helpers that can save you future headaches!

In need of new bosom friends to wear and care for? Check out our on-trend bras and bralettes, and contact Windsor customer service if you have any questions about sizing or care.