How to Care for Summer Denim

Denim pieces are comfy, casual, and go with practically everything! Whether it’s jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets, or even jumpsuits, denim is a wardrobe essential that’s sitting in nearly everyone’s closet. Here are some helpful, easy-to-follow tips on how to care for your denim clothes so they’ll last you through summer and beyond!

1. Denim doesn’t need to be washed often.

Washing too often can lead to the color or wash fading quickly. Remove small stains on your favorite denim skirt or item by spot cleaning instead. Need to get rid of odors? Put your folded denim into an oven (yes, an oven!) and set at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Let cool before wearing. Freezing your clothes works, too! Toss your denim into a bag and leave it in the freezer to kill bacteria and remove any unwanted odors.

2. Turn denim inside out and wash in cold water.

Hot temperatures and exposure to your washer’s spin cycle can cause the color to fade from dark wash denim. Hand washing is your best bet, but wash in cool water on a delicate cycle if you must! If you’re washing a new pair of jeans for the first time, add two spoonfuls of salt to help set the dye.

3. Keep the denim style and color in mind.

Different colors and styles will require different types of maintenance. Distressed denim is especially delicate and needs to be hand washed so the strings don’t rip even more, unless you’re into that completely and utterly annihilated look. For darker denim, use detergents made specifically for dark colors to preserve the dye! Keep in mind that dark denim may bleed onto lighter fabrics, so it’s best to wash on its own or with like colors.

4. Leave them high and dry.

Just like the Radiohead song! Washing machines, laundry detergents, and bleach can eventually destroy your favorite pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts. To prevent wrinkles, over stretching, or sagging, ditch the dryer and preserve the original shape and fit by letting your denim hang dry. Simply turn your denim inside out, zip and button where necessary, and hang dry with clothespins at the waist.

5. Store your denim with care.

At the end of the day, it’s so easy to toss your clothes haphazardly over a hanger or even onto a chair or the floor, but it’s also incredibly harmful to do so. Keep your denim skirts, shorts, and jeans happy by hanging them up by their belt loops or using hangers with waist clips that’ll help them maintain their original shape. Jumpsuits and dresses with straps or sleeves should be hung on regular hangers.

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