How to Mix and Match Prints

Get more out of your wardrobe by learning to mix prints! With a little practice and know-how, you can put together the perfect contrasting combo. Whether you’re a stripes, animal print, or textures type of gal, we’re here to help with our tips and show your our fave pieces below.


Buying two-piece sets with the same print makes it easy to mix and match. Trendy prints, such as stripes, florals, and tropicals are the perfect place to start experimenting!


Cheetahs and tigers and snakes, oh my! Get wild in your print mixing with animal print separates and mesh fabric. Feeling extra adventurous? Try an animal print in a vibrant hue to really stand out!


No matter the patterns or prints you choose while building an outfit, staying within the same color family makes it easy to mix and match prints for a perfectly imperfect look. For example, try pink florals with subtle pink stripes!


Nervous about making the leap? Don’t be! Textured handbags, patterned caps, and animal print accessories make it easy to venture into the world of prints without blowing your budget. Varying textures, especially when adding accessories, give your outfit a subtle level of complexity.