Military Ball 101: Etiquette & What to Wear

It's that time when the military community celebrates its service members! Military balls are traditional, white-tie events. If you're ever invited to attend one, consider it an honor and get excited to dress your absolute best! Because of traditions, there are specific etiquettes and a dress code that must be followed.
Always remember that this special night is about celebrating your service member and honoring his (or her) branch, so your dress should reflect that!

Here are our tips for selecting a fabulous yet appropriate dress if you're attending a military ball:
1. Because it's a formal event, it's customary to wear floor-length dresses.
2. Stay away from risque dresses with potential slips and exposures (you don't want to embarrass yourself or your partner!)
3. However, if you would like to go for the plunge or high slit, we recommend using our strapless brasnipple covers, or fashion tape to keep everything in place.
4. Go for simple patterns or solid colors for a timeless look that also won't look too busy next to your partner.
5. And ultimately, remember that the night is about your service member.So it is best to choose something that complements their uniform!
With these tips in mind, here are the four dress colors and matching accessories that are guaranteed to turn heads and complement your dashing partner:

There's nothing more mysterious than a burgundy and black pairing.
Make a subtle fashion statement and add a bit of drama without going over the top!

Nothing else screams "winter" except this perfect color pairing.
Dark blue hues with silver accessories give you a look that's luxuriously icy!

This timeless pairing is tried and true. There's nothing more sophisticated than a classy black dress with gold jewelry!
Not only is it perfect for a military ball, but it can be worn year round for other formal events!

If you want to get a little more unique and stand out, go for a jewel-toned green with contrasting natural or ivory accessories!
Bring in a warm pop color in a crowd of cook, dark tones. You'll also be a fab litle reminder that spring is just around the corner!