The Latest Skater Dresses of the Season

But like, what even is a skater dress? Fitted bodices and flared a-line skirts put the skater in skater dresses, which reflect a traditional figure skater’s outfit. They’re easy enough to throw on for a casual day out and cute enough to wear for a semi-formal event any time of day. We grouped our favorite fit and flare skater dresses by color so no matter your preference in hue, cut, or style, you’re bound to meet your perfect match.

Keep It Cool in Blue Skater Dresses

Blue hues give a sense of calmness and serenity, just like the ocean they represent! For the chill, laid-back girl, different shades of blue are great for various occasions. Dark navy or royal blues are perfect for a formal dinner date or evening affair, while lighter blues would be beautiful during a daytime wedding or shower. Pair blue dresses with the perfect pair of sparkling silver rhinestone jewelry to keep your look cool for the season.

Stay Playful in Pink Skater Dresses

Babes who love pink are usually bubbly, fun, and all about spreading positive vibes. These playful yet romantic colors are perfect to wear for any daytime event. From birthday lunches and champagne brunches, to tea parties and graduations, celebrate and spread the love in pink skater dresses. Pair with complementary gold statement earrings and nude heels for the perfect playful look.

Be Bold in Black Skater Dresses

Turn heads when a universally flattering hue is paired with a universally flattering a-line dress silhouette. Black is always an appropriate color year round, and are for the quiet, mysterious babes that leave the crowd wanting more. Because black skater dresses are so bold and edgy, we suggest reserving black dresses for a more formal evening or dinner event. Pair with statement strappy high heels, or opt for heels with embellishments to create a fashion-forward look.

Feel Fresh in White Skater Dresses

White is often associated with purity and innocence, and these sweet skater dresses are no exception. These angelic looks represent new beginnings and although these styles are gorgeous options for any bride to be, they are also perfect to wear to a baby shower, birthday, graduation ceremony, or other more formal daytime events. Shine extra bright with silver rhinestone jewelry to match.

Pick a color, any color, and shop skater dresses for summer! Complete your look with jewelry and handbags, which you can shop online and in one of our almost 200 stores nationwide.