Valentine's Day Gifts For Him & Her

You've got so much love to give you have no problem showing those near and dear how much you appreciate them.
These unique and fun gifts ideas are perfect for all the special males and females in your life!


1. Teakwood and Tobacco Soy Candle ($18-$28, P.F. Candle Co.)
This candle will set the mood, but will still have your man feeling those masculine vibes. It's smoky, earthy, and will bring the great outdoors into your home!

2. Craft Beer Kit ($43, Amazon)
Cheers for craft beer! This kit is perfect for the beer connoisseur in your life.
Starter kit includes a recipe, ingredients, and equipment to make his very own American wheat beer.

3. Personalized Star Maps ($45-$65, Under Lucky Stars)
This gift is a romantic gesture and truly one of a kind. You'll truly remeber the exact time and place of that special event of choice! This map will frame the star alightnment the night you met, your birthday, engagement, and many more.

4. Airpods ($159, Apple)

These wireless headphones are all the rage! Whether it's used for a business call on-the-go, or simply watching his fave videos on YouTube, the Apple Airpods will always be useful.

5. Nintendo Switch ($300, Amazon)
Sure, you can’t keep his attention when he’s playing videos games at home. But he’ll appreciate this extremely thoughtful gesture.
Who knows? This nifty portable gaming system could come in handy for you both if there’s a long wait at your favorite restaurant!
Bundle includes the console, dock, and joy controllers.


1. Dainty Zodiac Necklace ($10.90, Windsor)
You talk about star signs all the time, so why not have her show it off?
It doesn't take a fortune teller to know that she'll appreciate this charming gift for sure!

2.Date Night Ideas Jar DIY

Us girls have to admit that, at times, it's not the easiest task to make decisions. It's either we can't make them, or we just make bad ones. This crafty activity jar is a nifty DIY gift that'll help decide on what shenanigans your bestie will have planned for the next hangout!

3. Kombucha Starter Kit ($47, Amazon)
Support her resolution of a healthier lifestyle and save some money! Buying kombucha by the bottle can be hard on anyone’s bank account.
This kombucha starter kit is easy, safe, and fun to do! She’ll have more control when it comes to both flavor and sugar content, and can brew multiple jars a day

4. Eternity Roses ($189, Venus Et Fleur)

Give your classy bestie a gorgeous display and flowers that she deserves!
The clear acryic storage is re-usable and perfect as desk decor, or even a place for her fave lippies.

5.BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool ($200, Sephora)
Microneedling has become an essential facial procedure that generates new collagen and skin tissue.

Its benefits range fromsmoother and firmer skinto improvement ofacne scars, wrinkles, and large pores!
This fancy GloPRO set includes a microneedling tool, an anti-aging serum, a pH balancing gel cleanser, a vitamin C moisturizer, and prep pads.