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Delivery Times Domestic Delivery Times What does “Forward Expired” mean? Can my online order be returned in-store? Why is my order being returned? What is RTS? What is Zip Pay? How much does Zip Pay cost? Zip Pay US Return Policy & Instructions What are the international shipping rates and transit times? What countries do you ship to? How do I select the country I’d like to ship to? Which payment methods do you accept for International orders? What is your return policy for an International order? How do I track the order status of an international order? How do I contact customer service? What is the Windsor Ambassador Program? Why do I have to pay additional fees and charges if I already paid for my order? What are doing to keep your employees and customers safe? How do I stop receiving text messages from Windsor? How can I become an influencer for Windsor? How do I sign up to receive text messages from Windsor? Why can't I return the swimwear I purchased in a Windsor retail store? Why am I still receiving emails after I've already unsubscribed? How do I become a Windsor Ambassador? Why can I return a special occasion or formal dress I purchased online but not one purchased at a Windsor retail location? How do I unsubscribe from the email mailing list? Can I place an order online and pick it up at a Windsor retail store? Can I return an item purchased online to a Windsor store? How can I join the Windsor email list? Will I be notified before I am charged for a QuadPay payment? What if I lose or want to change my card for a QuadPay installment or payment? How can I check my QuadPay orders or account? Can I pay off my QuadPay installments early? What if I have trouble making my QuadPay payment? How do QuadPay returns, refunds, and partial refunds work? When is my first QuadPay payment due? What information does QuadPay ask for? Is there a miminum order amount to use QuadPay? How do I sign up for QuadPay? Who can use QuadPay? Can I use a gift card purchased at a Windsor store for my online purchase? Can I buy a gift card with other items? Can I use a Windsor eGift card in a store? How do I check my gift card balance? How do I measure my bust? How do I change the password for my online Windsor store account? How do I measure my waist? What if I have a gift card I purchased before November 2020 but want to make an online purchase? Can I add money to the Windsor gift card I already have?


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