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Fashion Face Masks, Our Favorite New Accessory
This season, fashion face masks have become our favorite new accessory to stay safe while also looking stylish! Shop Windsor for a trendy assortment of fashion face masks to find one for each of your trendy outfits that easily style over a disposable surgical mask. If you like to keep it basic, go for a ribbed knit face mask that will match all of your looks. For a more chic vibe, try a satin face mask to elevate your outfit and get a luxe look. Lined lace detailed face masks are also popular, with scalloped lace detailing giving off a pretty vibe. Stay on-trend in plaid, faux fur, and velvet face masks that are perfect for this time of year. Sequin embroidered, glitter knit, rhinestone, or pearl embellished face masks are a great way to level up your glam status and add some sparkle to your look. Showcase a bold vibe wearing an animal printed fashion face mask paired with a basic outfit. Tie-dye, floral, striped, and butterfly printed face masks are also very popular this season and will give you an adorably trendy look. Masks with holes or made of just mesh are best styled over a disposable surgical mask to keep you and others safe. For your trendy face mask to provide protection, be sure it completely covers your nose and mouth when wearing. Your face mask should fit snugly against the sides of your face and there should be no gaps.

How Should I Wash My Fashion Face Mask?
Knowing how to wash your fashion face mask is key to staying safe after every use. You should wash your face mask after a one time wear. Handwash your fashion face masks in warm water with a soft detergent, especially if they have delicate detailing. However, if you must machine wash them, be sure to put your face mask in a mesh bag or lingerie bag and wash on a delicate cycle with warm water, removing them promptly once they are washed. Air dry fashion face masks, hanging them on a drying rack or laying them down flat on a towel to dry.

How to Style A Fashion Face Mask with a Disposable Mask?
Fashion face masks are a fun way to express your personality, but adding a disposable surgical mask gives that extra layer of protection! When it comes to styling your face mask, consider the type of texture your face mask has and how you can match that to the rest of your outfit. For example, a sequin, glitter mesh, heat stones, and lace mask go with your evening dresses, club dresses, and formal jumpsuits. A solid cotton hued mask is better suited for your everyday outfits and streetwear looks. Also, take a look at the embellishments your mask has and how you can match those to your other accessories. For instance, a rhinestone embellished mask can be styled with blingy rhinestone earrings and necklaces that amp up the shine. Another way you can add some flair to your face mask is by styling with a face mask chain that can enhance the embellishments and print of your mask. As you would your other favorite accessories, consider texture and contrast to pair fashion masks over disposable masks to make styling your fashion face mask fun and safe!