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Bridesmaid Dresses & Outfits for A Winter Wedding
Discover bridesmaid dresses and outfits for a winter wedding that are on-trend, make you feel beautiful and want to be worn again for other special occasions when remixed with different accessories. Find dress appropriate options at the Windsor online store like form-hugging sleeveless crepe dresses, sweeping satin dresses with a lattice back detail, and formal wrap dresses with high slits. Stun in bridesmaid dresses, wedding jewelry sets, and gorgeous wedding shoes that are not only trendy but timeless enough to wear again for another special event. Shop for dress alternatives like sleeveless dressy jumpsuits that can be dressed up with rhinestone necklaces or go with a cute lace back romper for a destination wedding. Make the Windsor store your bridesmaid dress and outfit destination to find beautiful dresses, chic dress alternatives, and the sparkly accessories to adorn them.

How do I choose the right bridesmaid dress?
When choosing the right bridesmaid dress for your bride tribe, consider the color, cost, and fit of the dress. Choose a color that matches the color scheme of your theme, if applicable, and that is complimenting to the season. For example, if you are having a winter wedding, consider popular seasonal hues like deep greens, blues, and reds whereas mauves, pinks, and yellows may be more fitting for a spring wedding. Keep the costs in mind, since your bridal party may be paying for their own semi-formal to formal dress—here you can choose affordable dresses in a wide variety of styles that are on-trend any time of year. The most important factor to consider when shopping for bridesmaid dresses is the fit. If you are going with an identical dress for your bridesmaids, choose a dress that offers a flattering, comfortable fit that can be worn with undergarment accessories like shapewear. Choosing the right dress should be a fun bonding experience with your girls so be sure to explore high slit velvet dresses, ruched satin long dresses, one-shoulder fitted dresses, lace-up formal dresses, bridesmaid dresses with pockets, and beautiful floor-length dresses with wrapped details, layered designs, and pleated styles.

Do my bridesmaids have to wear formal dresses?
Your bridesmaids do not have to wear a formal dress; however, do consider factors like the dress code of your guests, the venue location(s), and the season. How formal, or semi-formal, bridesmaid dresses usually come down to the preference of the bride and the dress code set for the wedding. Long dresses can be more formal, whereas short dresses strike a casual chord depending on fabrication. Choose a dress length and style based on how formal or informal you want your wedding to be.

Can my maid of honor be in a different dress than my bridesmaids?
It is totally acceptable to have your maid of honor wear a different dress from your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Giving your maid of honor her own distinctive dress is a lovely way to pay special attention to her. Elevate your maid of honor by giving her a formal dress that features unique embellishments and details that slightly differ from your bridesmaids. Feel free to keep the same color or within the same color range, but do mix up the details and style to make your best gal pal stand out. However you decide, make memories at the rehearsal dinner to the bachelorette party in the attire you both will adore!