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When you shop online on any website and enter your card, a pre-authorization for the amount of the order is placed on your card by your financial institution. It's a temporary hold on the funds. This is standard practice on all E-Commerce websites. The card is not actually charged until the order ships out. This pre-authorization typically falls off in a few days depending on your bank. If your purchased was DECLINED by you bank and you are having difficulty with getting the pre-authorization removed by your bank, you may call us and we'd be happy to fax your bank and as them to remove the pre-authorization. You will need to provide us with your bank's fax number and your card information.

How do I order?

Ordering from is easy. See something you want? Choose your size and add it to your shopping bag by clicking the "add to shopping bag" button. Your shopping bag can hold an unlimited number of items. Click on "view bag" to review its contents and remove items at any time. When you're finished shopping, click on the "checkout" button, where you'll fill out your billing and shipping information. Please keep in mind that FedEx will not deliver to P.O. Boxes. When you place an order with Windsor, the funds are reserved for us - we don't actually take the money until your order has been shipped.


NOTE:  All online orders require a valid email address

Order cancelled due to no stock

At the time the order was placed, the system allowed an order to be placed for an item that was not available or damage. We have cancelled your order and the authorization hold on your credit card should drop from your statement within the next 2-10 business days depending on your credit card company. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.

How to measure

Unsure which size to get? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you find your best fit.

Before getting started, be sure to wear something form-fitting to get your most accurate measurements. If you plan to wear shapewear, make sure to measure yourself while wearing the shapewear. Be sure to avoid pulling measuring tape too tightly, you'll want some breathing room.

Remember that it is always easier to take a garment in than it is to let one out!

Let's get started and grab that measuring tape!


To measure your bust, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Keep in mind this measurement is not the same as your bra size.


To measure your waist, wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist. That’s usually just above your belly button.


To measure your hips, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.


To measure the most accurate length, be sure to wear a heel that is the same height as you plan to wear with your dress.

The dress length is taken from the top of the shoulder to the point where it touches the floor.

For a strapless or off the shoulder style, the length is taken from the top of the neckline to the floor.


Still have some doubts? Contact our stylist experts at (888) 494-6376

Delivery Times


Everyday Shipping 1-9 Business Days 1-2 Business Days $5.95
Standard Shipping 1-5 Business Days 1-2 Business Days $9.95
Express Shipping 1-2 Business Days 1-2 Business Days $23.95

*Alaska & Hawaii will ship via EXPRESS

  1. Unfortunately, we cannot change shipping methods once an order has been placed.

  2. US MILITARY SHIPMENTS: MUST ship via United States Postal Service and will NOT ship via Express service.  These shipments can take several weeks depending upon the final destination.  The USPS will deliver the package to the domestic U.S. military facility, from that point the U.S. military will deliver the package to the final destination. Please be advised that International locations may take longer.

Holiday Shipping 


Please see international shipping times here.




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