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Women's Beauty Accessories To Finish Your Look
Windsor has the trendiest women’s beauty accessories to finish your look this winter season! Stand out in the crowd and have your moment with eye-catching makeup looks that express your different style moods. Showcase major fierce vibes when you wear fluttery fake eyelashes. Get a single set, or opt for a multi-pack so you can get a feathered look every day. Don’t forget to pick up Duo eyelash glue too so your fabulous fake eyelashes will stay in place. Really want to bring the glam? Shop press on nails with glitter, rhinestone or pearl embellishments, or animal prints. Become a total trendsetter when you style your new outfits with these gorgeous nails. This assortment includes make-up must-haves to beauty necessities and is updated regularly with the latest finds. The beauty accessories at Windsor are not to be missed for winter’s most memorable moments.

Tips To Apply Fake Eyelashes
Fake eyelashes can help elevate your makeup look and give your whole outfit a glamorous and fierce vibe. Pick out the style of fake eyelashes you want to wear first, whether they have a full and feathered out design or a more natural look. You’ll also need to get some eyelash glue so they stay all day. Be sure to have a mirror you are able to get close to, so you can place the fake eyelashes right on your lash line. You can apply the glue directly or use a thin angled brush so you have control over how much glue is then applied to the lash. This will help ensure thin, precise application. Let the glue sit on the lash band for less than a minute. Then, apply the fake eyelashes to your lash line one end at a time, and press down for a few seconds to make sure the lashes stay. You can also apply the lashes with blunt-ended tweezers made to apply fake eyelashes for a steady application. Create beautifully, eye-catching makeup looks with fake eyelashes to instantly look glam.

Tips To Apply Press On Nails
Press on fake nails can finish off your trendy looks and glam up your basic outfits! When applying press on nails, you want to make sure your nails are clean and dry so the adhesive nails will stay on. Use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish you may have on, and then thoroughly wash and dry your hands and nails to create an oil-free surface. Avoid putting on hand lotion before application. Line up the fake nails with your real nails, and apply the base of the fake nail right at the bottom of your real nail, right above the cuticle. Apply at a downward angle, and then press down on the nail to make sure the adhesive sticks. The press-on nails have an easy application that can be applied in minutes, so you can have perfect nails to go with all of your stylish looks.