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Most Wanted Clutches

Windsor has the most-wanted clutch handbags from fabrications seen on designer bags to rhinestones and glitter! Discover glam women’s clutches for every occasion. You’ll dazzle the room with a chic bag in on-trend silhouettes like sphere, box, crossbody, or envelope clutches. Pair your sexy night-out looks with stunning clutches in trendy sphere shapes to complete your outfits and showcase your fashion expertise. Shop metallic, silver, rose gold, and gold envelope clutches that pair with your jewelry and shoes effortlessly for weddings or formal events. Take your essentials with you to parties, weddings, or any occasion in gorgeous, glitter clutches and rhinestone clutches with removable straps. Style your special occasion looks with a sparkling box clutch to match your dress, a trendy glitter clutch with top clasp closure, or a small pretty mesh clutch to compliment your shoes. Whatever you’re getting ready for a sparkly clutch will always add a luxe vibe. Don't forget to grab new accessories for summer and the latest clutches to complete your music festival outfit! From removable straps to must-have designs, shop women’s clutches from Windsor you’ll adore all year long!

What Is The Difference Between A Clutch & An Evening Bag?

The difference between a clutch and an evening bag is the size and the formality. Clutches are typically smaller than evening bags and are intended to be carried in hand. An evening bag is slightly larger and includes shoulder straps to be carried across your shoulders. The formality also differs between the two, a clutch is best suited for dressy to semi-formal events like cocktail parties, bachelorette parties, and formal dining; whereas an evening bag is best suited for banquets and balls. The subtle difference between clutches and evening bags is important to know when it comes to styling your outfits for formal and semi-formal events. Knowing these details will help you style your outfits appropriately for the occasion at hand—there’s nothing worse than showing up to an event underdressed or overdressed. Not coordinating your accessories with your apparel can cause clashing and just throw off your intended look.

How Do I Know If I Need A Clutch Or An Evening Bag?

The need for a clutch or an evening bag for your outfit really depends on the event. For instance, a formal event like a ball or banquet where you’d wear a ball gown, evening gown, or a floor-length formal dress calls for an evening bag. On the other hand, for a semi-formal event where you’d wear a skater dress, LBD, or midi dress like an outdoor wedding, cocktail party, or bridal shower calls for a clutch. When creating your outfit for the event at hand, it’s important for your apparel and accessories to match seamlessly, rather than clashing. For example, styling a ball gown with a casual crossbody clutch just doesn’t have the same effect as styling with formal accessories. Now that you have a better idea of the two styles, feel free to intentionally style either to make a statement in casual to formal outfits. When deciding on how to style your look, consider the event and the formality before reaching for that purse or handbag.