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Welcome to summer where hats are a must-have and all styles are acceptable! We will say our top pick right now is a bucket hat! Whether it’s a straw design or a leopard print pattern it is definitely worth pairing with all those warm-weather staples. Bucket hats aren’t your vibe? We got you. Change gears and give yourself a boho finish when you top off your look with beaded tassel earrings, a wool Panama hat, and knee-high boots. Trading out your everyday hair accessories for a hat is a good way to amplify your style and add a little more variety to your closet. With all types of hats for women, Windsor has your look on lock. Keeping it casual for the day? Throw on your favorite high waist denim, o-ring belt, and top it all off with a women's baseball cap and infinity rings set. Discover caps for women with all different styles, from women's black hats to embroidered ball caps. Looking for something a little bit more festive? Check out faux fur hats, cowboy hats with sequins, and hats with leopard print accents. Don’t get us wrong we are always down for a cute updo with scrunchies but on a sunny day, we are all about the hat life! Stay poolside with a straw woven hat, or grab some drinks beachside with a trendy boater hat. Block out the sun and look good while doing it in a trendy hat! Pair it with a cute bikini and sandals on your next beach day. Whatever the day we know you are ready to slay in a cabby hat. Summer 2020 is here my dear, let's get this hat party started.