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Winter Graduation Outfits That Are Trend-Worthy
Celebrate your major milestone moment in winter Graduation outfits that are trend-worthy. Make your graduation day one to remember in a stylish outfit from an assortment of skater dresses, ribbed mini dresses with ruched detailing, and satin wrap dresses. Style your graduation outfit with the perfect accessories that give you that extra boost of confidence like block heels to provide a sturdy stride up the stage, rhinestone jewelry to provide that extra hint of sparkle, and an adhesive bra for your strapless or backless dresses. This season discover gorgeous V-neck skater dresses that are comfortable enough to wear all day from the ceremony to the after-party and that you can dress up or down! Go glam with satin wrap dresses that elevate your graduation look with a silky fabric and a contemporary design. Stay on trend with a shimmering glitter dress that brings that glamorous touch to your cap and gown attire. Go for comfortable and flattering with a ribbed mini dress in chic necklines like crew, v-neck, and square. Style your graduation dress with adhesive pasties or bras to achieve that sleek look while getting support where you need it. Complete your outfit with stunning single strap block heels that come in faux suede, faux nubuck, and faux leather fabrications to match the texture of your apparel. Add that polishing touch with gold to silver necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that take your look from basic to stylish. Get ready to be photo-op ready in gorgeous graduation outfits curated from Windsor's graduation shop!

How should I dress for graduation?
The way you should dress for graduation depends on a couple of things like your school’s dress code, the formality of the ceremony, the weather of the venue, and of course your sense of style! Before putting your dream graduation outfit together, take a moment to review your school’s dress code to be sure that you’re dressing in accordance with your school’s policy. Next, graduations are typically considered a semi-formal event, so avoid overdressing or underdressing for the event. Overdressing could look like wearing an evening gown to the ceremony, while underdressing would include jeans or shorts within your outfit. Opt for a mini or midi length dress style like a skater, high low, or dressy mini dress. For those wanting an alternative, a dressy jumpsuit or romper is another option to consider. It’s also important to consider the weather of the venue, wearing an inappropriate look could cause major discomfort. For instance, if your graduation is outdoors avoid heavy fabrics that can cause you to overheat and outfits with not enough coverage when the temps are cool. Also be aware of pants, dresses, and/or shoes that may cause you to trip. Last but not least, is your sense of style. For those that love a bold fashion moment choose vibrant colors in knits and chiffons, bold prints like plaid and stripes, and rich fabrics like faux leather or satin that standout. If you like to keep it minimalistic, go for neutral colors that offer that timeless chic vibe to nail your graduation outfit. Whatever you choose to wear at your graduation, be sure it reflects your personality and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

How do I look good for graduation?
You look your best when you feel good! First things first, choose a graduation outfit that reflects your sense of style, is comfortable to wear with your gown, and compliments your body type. Since you’ll be taking lots of pictures, go for a timeless and polished look that you'll be proud to look back on in the years to come. Also, celebrate you by dressing up. Avoid fashion faux pauxs by not wearing too formal or too casual of attire. Buy a new outfit. A new outfit can make you feel fresh and renewed so consider your graduation look from head to toe. Gussy up with fresh-looking makeup and pamper yourself with a fresh manicure or press-on adhesive nails. Style your tresses in voluminous curls or go sleek with rhinestone hairpins, but remember you'll be wearing a cap. Be sure to style your hair accordingly and secure your cap with bobby pins to avoid tugging at it throughout the day. Take your regalia (i.e. cap, gown, tassels, etc.) out of their packaging and iron or steam out any wrinkles. Be sure to hang the day before to keep a flawless finish. Looking good is all about the little details that enhance your beauty and bring out your inner confidence.