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Elevate your style and embrace the beauty of lace with our stunning collection of lace dresses and outfits in lace at Windsor. Whether you're planning a date night with your bae, celebrating an anniversary, or attending your bestie’s wedding, we've got you covered with a beautiful collection of lace clothing and fashions.

For a classic and elegant look for a romantic night out or celebrating a birthday, check out our updated collection of lace dresses. From sleek and sophisticated mid-length dresses to flirty and fun mini dresses, we have the perfect style for any occasion. Choose from a variety of lace designs, including delicate floral patterns, oversized blooms in mesh, or knitted crochet for a casual look. We hand-pick unique floral outfits to showcase seasonal colors, beautiful fabrics, and designs you'll find nowhere else!

For weddings, explore the beautiful selection of lace dresses in various lengths and styles. Choose from our collection of maxi-length dresses with intricate lace details, perfect for outdoor or beach weddings. Or opt for a short lace skater dress with a playful A-line skirt for a chic and modern look. You can even mix and match lace tops and skirts to create your own unique summer wedding outfit.

Discover lace tie-front tops that you can layer with swimsuits, dresses, rompers, and more to create a unique look. Try pairing a long sleeve lace top with a tie-front over new denim dresses for an easy summer jean look.

If you're looking for something more versatile, try one of our lace tops or bodysuits. Pair a lace crop top with high-waisted jeans or jean shorts for a cute and casual date night look, or dress it up with a satin midi skirt and heels for a more formal event. For an elegant and polished look for brunch or a dinner party look, consider a lace bodysuit with dressy trousers and layer it with a blazer for a sophisticated touch.

Make your special moments and romantic occasions even more memorable with stylish lace clothing from Windsor.

Are lace and crochet fabrication the same?

Lace and crochet are not the same. Lace tends to use thin and more delicate threads while crocheting relies on thicker fabrics like yarn. Each has had its moment in fashion time, and like most trends, comes back with renewed life. Crochet clothes echo that boho-free spirit we love during warm months. While lace adds a soft and amorous touch to any piece. Lace is a fabric created by hand or a machine by threading in a web to create patterns. Delicate lace fabric can be used as accents and/or trimmings on clothing. Manufactured lace tends to be more durable and is used to design full apparel pieces like tops, dresses, lingerie, etc.

While crochet is also used to design various apparel pieces like pants, dusters, or tops, that is not the name of the fabric, but rather the process or craft to create the fabric by interlocking loops and using hooks to pull through strands. Both lace and crochet can come in endless patterns and each resulting fabric brings a certain vibe to your look.