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Essential Lingerie Accessories For A Sleek Silhouette

Want to know the secret to a sleek silhouette? Windsor’s essential lingerie accessories for women! Fall back in love with backless, plunge, sleeveless, and strapless women's apparel and dresses to create a chic statement without the fuss of bra straps and discomfort. Discover sticky bras and Windsor's popular shapewear that will stay in place so you can dance the night away at fall weddings or Homecoming 2022 Dance!

Looking for a little lift? Shop body bras with lattice tie-front designs to lift and support for the perfect push-up look. For your backless dresses or styles with major cutouts, opt for reusable nipple covers. This soft fabric or gel adhesive covers allow for comfortable wear without having to worry about your bra peeking through your new favorite tops for fall. Disposable petal pasties offer a one-time use with a smooth look.

For a naturally lifted appearance, shop breast lift tape that will stay in place. Fashion tape is ideal for securing your clothing and keeping it in place Use it with bra straps, necklines, or hemlines for a smooth and polished finish. Doing a photoshoot? Make sure everything is in place with this fashion tape for skin and clothes. Have a strapless top or dress that needs a bit more bling? Complete these styles with glamorous rhinestone adorned bra straps in varying dainty designs. You can simply attach these straps for the perfect subtle sparkle.

Stay worry-free of wardrobe malfunctions with Windsor’s essential lingerie accessories for a sleek and chic silhouette!

What Are Lingerie Accessories?

Lingerie accessories are accessories you wear underneath your clothing to provide coverage and support. Windsor has the best assortment of lingerie accessories that are a must-have for formal events, nights out, or even everyday wear. Adhesive bras, adhesive bra cups, and adhesive lifting or push-up bras provide the support you want without the need for adjustable straps or back hook and eye closures. These styles are perfect for your backless, strapless, and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops that you'll love as part of your best attire from graduation to anniversary outfits. For your plunging necklines, go for reusable gel petals and pasties, disposable fabric lifting pasties, or reusable nipple covers. These accessories give you coverage without having to wear a bra. For a lifted look, shop clear thigh lift tape, butt lift tape, and back lift tape that will hide discreetly under your clothing and will help tuck, lift and contour your body. Breast lift tape and fashion tape are must-have styles for keeping your look in place.

How to Care & Store for Lingerie Accessories

Care for intimates and lingerie accessories by treating them with extra gentle care. For your adhesive bras, be mindful of how many uses you have available before having to replace them —this information can be found on the box. Over time an adhesive bra can lose its effectiveness. Be sure to hand wash your adhesive bras with mild soap and cold water, then let them air dry. Once the adhesive bra has air dried, store your bra in the plastic shell that comes included. If you don’t have a plastic shell, store your adhesive bra with the adhesive facing inward so that cups stick together, then store it in your drawer with other intimates. Feel free to place it in a zip bag to deter dust. Extend the life of your adhesive bras and pasties by following these simple steps!