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Bikinis In Fashion For 2021

It’s time to channel total babe vibes in bikinis in fashion for 2021! Bikinis are a must to show off your figure, and Windsor has all the best 2 piece swimsuits and sexy bikinis to keep you stunting all season long! Slip-on a high-waisted bikini and sunglasses for pool lounging. A sarong and metallic sandals complete the look for a pool party. Explore a variety of unique designs among this year's collection of bikini tops and bikini bottoms. You’ll be sure to make a splash when you wear a cutout bikini top and matching bottoms. A one-shoulder or cutout bikini top looks model-cool, especially when paired with cutoff denim shorts and aviator sunglasses. Micro bikini tops and bottoms are a must this year, and you’ll stay right on trend when you wear them paired with a cover-up. Try on the color block trend with flirty tie-front tops and high-waisted bottoms. No matter which trend you’re lusting after, Windsor has all the chic women’s bikinis this year.

What Bikinis Are Most Flattering?

The bikinis that are most flattering are the ones that suit your body type, and finding a bikini that suits your body type gives it that customized fit and feel. Starting with the pear-shaped body, aka triangle-shaped ladies out there, you’ll want to style a balanced look. This means choosing a bandeau bikini top with padding to boost curves and high waist bikini bottoms to emphasize the curve of your waist. If you have an apple-shaped body, choose plain bikini tops with patterned bikini bottoms to bring balance. For the hourglass ladies, complement the natural curvature of your body with a classic triangle-cup bikini top and high, hip bikini bottoms that elongate your profile. If your body type leans on the athletic side, you’ll want to choose a bikini that enhances curves like a bikini top that features ruffles or tie fronts to create the appearance of curves on top. For bikini bottoms, choose pieces that feature side ties to give your hips some curvature. For the ladies looking to give their bust a lift, choose bikini tops that feature padding, tie-fronts, sexy cut-outs, and mesh insets. Ruched and smocked bikini bottoms provide a flattering fit to your behind and are a must-try for any shape. For a polished and finished look, style your bikinis with wedges and swim cover-ups in a variety of styles updated for summer! Dressing in bikinis that are made for your body type is the easiest way to get your most flattering fit.

How To Care For Bikinis

Extend the longevity of your bikini to use all season long with care tips that make a difference! Over time, elements like the sun, water, sand, and even sweat can wreak havoc on your bikinis. Make sure to machine or hand wash your bikini with a gentle detergent after each wear. Always wash with cold water to prevent shrinkage or color fade. If your bikini has mixed fabrications or embellishments, before handwashing, try wetting a soft or microfiber cloth with some soap and water and blotting problem areas. Always avoid using bleach, even if your swimsuit is white because it can damage the fabrics used to create swimwear. When you hang dry your bikini, make sure to avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. Laying them flat to dry is another great drying technique that is gentle to your favorite bikini and prevents stretching. Store your bikini in a cool dry place so that it’s ready to pull out for your next use.