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Bracelets To Bling Out Summer Outfits

Find the perfect bracelet to add that finishing touch to summer outfits from bangle to cuff bracelets, and memory wire to tennis bracelets. Bling it out in rhinestone cuffs, stunning formal bracelets, and dangling charms. You’ll stun with cubic zirconia bracelets that capture attention at military balls, graduation, Homecoming, or any summer occasion. Windsor curates all jewelry for summer, so you can easily coordinate with earrings, necklaces, and more with your bracelets. Make sure to stack your bracelets for a sparkling arm party with rows of rhinestones! Wear your stretch bracelets with watches for a look that will stick out beyond jacket or blazer sleeves. Impress on date night with bracelet packs that can be worn alone or stacked together to create a finished look that will bring your head-to-toe look together. Hit the festival circuit with pretty bangle or charm bracelets that add that stylish touch to your festival outfit. Pair your favorite chain link designs with chic anklets that add an extra hint of sparkle to your heels. Cuffs look casual chic with all your favorite maxi dresses and an easy fashion hack to dress up any look. A special occasion outfit for a summer wedding or HOCO dress attire is not complete without the perfect rhinestone bracelet so be sure to shop for a beautiful variety that you’ll want to wear again. Add sparkle and shine to your 2022 Homecoming look with homecoming jewelry, like bracelet sets that you can style on both arms to mix and match for a blinged-out layered look. Windsor is your one-stop-shop for accessorizing with the best jewelry trends for summer, and that starts with a timelessly chic bracelet stack.

How Can I Keep Bracelets From Tarnishing?

You can keep your bracelets looking new with proper care and storage to extend the life of your favorite pieces. First things first, avoid moisture from coming into contact with your jewelry. Moisture is not only limited to water, but can come in the form of lotions, perfumes, and body oils. When washing your hands, be sure to remove bracelets and wait for lotions to fully dry before putting bracelets on. Next, you’ll want to be mindful of how you store your bracelets. Store bracelets in a cool dry place that seals out humidity that can damage your favorite jewelry over time. Invest in a cute storage case that keeps moisture and dust at bay. Plastic bags that seal are also another option, just make sure you only place one piece per bag—placing multiple bracelets can cause scratches and tangling. If your jewelry starts to tarnish and is made with true gold, silver, and gemstones, consider using a jewelry cleaning solution. For this reason, it's good to know what your jewelry is made of so you can take the best steps to make them last use after use. Using these easy tips can extend the life of your bracelets so that you can keep styling them with your favorite outfits.