Off the Shoulder Dresses

Embrace elegance with our breathtaking collection of off-the-shoulder dresses, available in a variety of lengths from short to maxi. Each piece, whether fitted with a corset or with a flowy skirt, is designed to enhance your silhouette with a flattering display of an open neckline. Our dresses come in bodycon styles for a figure-hugging look or more relaxed, flowy designs for a breezy aesthetic.

Discover Your Perfect Off the Shoulder Dress at Windsor

Elevate your style with Windsor's stunning collection of Off-the-Shoulder Dresses. Perfect for any occasion, we curated off-shoulder dresses that blend elegance with contemporary fashion, ensuring you look fabulous at every event.

Your Perfect Fit For Every Moment

Whether you're attending a summer gathering or a formal event, an off-shoulder sundress is a must-have for your wardrobe. This neckline type of dress for weddings and off-the-shoulder wedding guest dresses provides the perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Looking for something more glamorous? Explore off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses that are ideal for evening parties and upscale events.

Colors That Speak Volumes

Explore a palette of colors designed to make you shine. From classic off-white or white dresses to the timeless elegance of black dresses, you'll find shades to suit every taste. Embrace the freshness of green with shades like sage and hunter, or make a bold statement with red shades ranging from bright cherry red to dark burgundy.

Unveil Your Unique Style With The Right Details

Choose the length that best suits your style. Off-the-shoulder maxi dresses offer a dramatic and flowy look perfect for formal occasions or vacation getaways, while an off-shoulder midi dress strikes a balance between sophistication and ease, making it great for both casual and semi-formal events. For a playful and flirty vibe, a mini dress with an off-shoulder sleeve is your go-to option.

Versatility is key to our collection. Enjoy the variety with an off-the-shoulder dress with sleeves for a touch of modesty, or opt for the elegance of an off-the-shoulder long sleeve dress, perfect for cooler evenings or formal gatherings.

Stand out with unique details like floral prints and ruffle accents on hems and sleeves. This collection features luxurious fabrics from satin to sequin, ensuring you have a dress that not only looks good but feels amazing to wear.

As we step into summer, off-shoulder dresses are perfect for casual everyday events and the 2024 Homecoming season. Whether you're looking for an evening dress for a night out or something stylish for a daytime event, Windsor has you covered.

Explore the Off the Shoulder Dresses collection now and find your perfect look for any occasion. Visit Windsor online or in-store today to discover the latest in women's fashion and elevate your wardrobe with timeless styles.

How do I style an off-the-shoulder dress for a wedding?

Styling an off-the-shoulder dress for a wedding is all about balancing elegance with personal flair. Start with accessories: delicate jewelry like a simple necklace and matching earrings can enhance the neckline without overpowering the dress. Opt for a pair of stylish heels or strappy sandals to complete the look. For a daytime wedding, choose lighter colors and softer fabrics like chiffon or lace, paired with a floral print or pastel shade. For an evening affair, consider richer colors like burgundy or navy and fabrics such as satin or velvet. Don’t forget to bring a shawl or wrap to stay warm during cooler evening hours.

What type of bra should I wear with an off-the-shoulder dress?

Finding the right bra for an off-the-shoulder dress can make all the difference in comfort and appearance. A strapless bra is the most common choice, providing support without visible straps. For added security, consider a longline strapless bra, which extends further down the torso for extra support. If you need more lift, a strapless push-up bra can enhance your silhouette. Alternatively, adhesive bras or stick-on cups can offer support without any visible hardware. Some off-the-shoulder dresses also come with built-in support, eliminating the need for a bra altogether.

Can off-the-shoulder dresses be worn in colder weather?

Yes, off-the-shoulder dresses can be styled for colder weather with a few clever additions. Layering is key: pair your dress with a chic, fitted jacket, bolero, or a stylish tie-front top that complements the dress without covering its distinctive neckline. A wrap or shawl can also provide warmth while maintaining the elegance of the off-the-shoulder design. Opt for long-sleeved off-shoulder dresses made from warmer fabrics like velvet or knit. Complete the look with tights and closed-toe shoes or boots to keep warm. Adding accessories like scarves and gloves can also enhance your outfit while keeping you cozy.