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The Latest Sunglasses for Women
Windsor has the latest sunglasses for women that will elevate your stylish outfits! These trendy shades come in many different shapes and styles, so be sure to decide what you like best! Aviator sunglasses are cute and classic, with a thin brow bar design. Round sunglasses are very trendy and flattering on many face shapes. Looking for something a bit chicer? Showcase the stylish babe you are in a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that would look perfect paired with a casual dress, a trendy crossbody, and heeled mules. More of a glamorous diva? Square sunglasses are the answer, with a cool oversized look and a sleek, flat-top design. Festival season and summer call for mirrored and reflective sunglasses that you can style with a cute crop top and distressed shorts to throw some shade. Black sunglasses are always a go-to, and a must-have in your wardrobe since they go with everything. For a trendier look, go for rose gold sunglasses to nail a gorgeous glow. Shop Windsor for fashionable women’s sunglasses to complete your outfits.

How Should Sunglasses Fit?
Sunglasses should fit well without feeling too tight against your face. If they leave indent marks on your nose, pinch your ears, or give you a headache, they might be too tight. Oversized sunglasses may cover your cheeks or rise above your eyebrows depending on the size of your face, and that's ok. Your trendy women's sunglasses should also not fit too loose, causing them to slide down uncomfortably. You'll want your chic shades to sit comfortably on your nose and ears.

What Sunglasses Look Good On Me?
Deciding what sunglasses look good depends on your individual style and also what will complement your face shape. First off, shop for sunglasses that make you feel the most confident and compliment your everyday style. If you want to find shades that are flattering, explore a variety of designs to find one that complements your face shape. It’s also good to shop for sunglasses that have a style you know you will wear every day and adds that finishing touch to your outfit.