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Shapewear For Under Spring Attire

Hey babe, let’s shape up this season! Windsor is here to support you with women’s shapewear for under spring attire for the best silhouette. Shop body shapewear for women in sleek and seamless designs to smooth and shape your curves for an hourglass appearance. From black to nude and skin-toned hues, find the perfect women’s ultra-high waist shapewear briefs, body shapers, thongs, and shorts for a boost of confidence in your bodycon dress or a fitted skirt.

Wear shapewear this season under wedding guest dresses, spring outfits, and cocktail dresses. Create a jaw-dropping figure by slipping on a body shaper thong or high-waisted shapewear shorts to instantly slim and smooth your curves for a seamless look under form-fitting styles. Make heads turn with your stunning silhouette under all your 2023 semi-formal to special occasion dresses with body shapers, full-body shapewear, and more. Get that smooth silhouette under your prom gown or formal graduation dress.

Don’t forget to add to your cart the must-have lingerie accessories from Windsor! Stock up on pasties, adhesive bras, and reusable petals to help avoid any wardrobe mishaps.

Windsor has your head-to-toe look and under-the-dress needs in women’s shapewear, lingerie accessories, and intimates!

Do I Need Shapewear?

If you are wearing formal attire or are aiming to have a smooth silhouette, you may need shapewear. Consider, what you’re wearing it with, which area of your body you trying to enhance, and how much control you’re wanting. To begin, the type of clothing you’ll be wearing can determine the type of shapewear you’re in need of. For example, a full one-body piece is better suited to be worn with dresses whereas high waist shaper thongs are versatile enough to go with any type of garment. Next, consider the area of your body you’re trying to enhance. For instance, a butt-lifter shaper is great for ladies that want a curve-enhancing lift and a full-body shaper is great for those looking to enhance more than one part of their body. A high-waist bottom shaper like biker short-styled bottoms or high-waist briefs is ideal for those looking to slim out thighs and butt. Last, think about how much control you want over your outfit. Those wanting extra-firm control for curve-hugging formal gowns should reach for bottoms that feature no-slip grips that stay in place. If you’re in need of light to medium control, a lightweight shaper is a happy medium between an extra firm and light control. The need for shapewear really falls on what type of silhouette you’re trying to achieve for the event at hand.

How to find the right shapewear for my outfit?

You can find the right shapewear for your outfit based on what you’re trying to achieve with your look. Are you looking for extra control to smooth out silhouettes? Are you looking to enhance your curves? Are you looking to conceal lines? These questions can help you determine the right shapewear for your outfit, whether it’s a dress, jumpsuit, or skirt. If you’re looking to smooth out your silhouette for that cinched look, opt for shapers like high waist thongs/briefs, and biker short-styled that offer a fitted thigh, hip, and butt effect. For those looking to enhance curves, choose a butt-lift shaper or a full one-piece that enhances the bust and butt. If you’re simply looking to conceal undergarment lines that can show through sheer or curve-hugging fabrics, a high waist thong shaper is a great go-to. Finding the right shapewear should fall in line with the look you’re trying to achieve and one that fits your body type.